Jala's Mask

To save her people, she must steal the face of a god.

For two hundred years, Jala's people have survived by raiding the mainland. By shaping the reefs around the Five-and-One Islands into magical ships, they can cross the ocean, take what they want, and disappear.

Or so they have always believed. On the night after Jala becomes queen, a tide of magical fog sweeps over the islands, carrying ships from the mainland. Inside are a desperate people, driven half-mad by sorcery and looking for revenge.

"... Supernatural horror, court intrigue, and intricate social allegiances breathe life into a familiar coming-of-age story that also includes plenty of forbidden sorcery and pulpy adventure." Publisher's Weekly
"Mike and Rachel Grinti’s Jala’s Mask takes the coming-of-age fantasy to strange and wonderful new places. The setting is unlike any fantasy world we’ve seen; it is based on African and Polynesian history and folklore, is entirely believable, and is fascinating, fresh, and unique. The result is a story that unfolds at a quickening pace, full of quirky and unexpected turns with a diverse cast of terrific characters who grow and reveal themselves as morally complex creations." — Clay and Susan Griffith, authors of the Vampire Empire trilogy


In a contemporary fairytale as irresistible as catnip, one girl discovers that some magic cuts deep...

Emma's sister is missing. Her parents have spent all their savings on the search. And now the family has no choice but to live in a ramshackle trailer park on the edge of the forest, next door to down-and-out harpies, hags, and trolls. Emma wonders if she'll ever see Helena, and if she'll ever feel happy, again.

Then she makes a friend.

A smooth-talking, dirty-furred cat named Jack. He's got a razor-sharp plan to rescue Emma's sister. He just wants one small favor in return...

"A unique, gripping tale of powerful cats, monstrous fairies, and a girl with determination and heart"– Tamora Pierce, author of the Beka Cooper series

Translations: Hungarian, Dutch. English editions also available in Germany, New Zealand and Australia.